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Asylamba Mini

Asylamba Mini (board game 2.0) (2019)

Game design document
C++ prototype on GitLab

Asylamba Mini is based on the universe of the online multi-player game Asy- lamba and follows the same broad philosophy. Different factions are struggling for galactic dominance. They start with very little and gradually colonise and conquer territories – constantly faced with a delicate balance between building and sending fleets now and investing in base development to ripe the fruits later. In the original version, hundreds of players control the factions, plan- ets are colonised or conquered by individual players for factions to obtain a majority in each sector of the galaxy, and the game takes several months to complete. The mini version is much simplified, with each player directly con- trolling a faction and colonising or conquering sectors of the galaxy, for the game to take only about one hour to complete.


Breeding (board game 2.0) (2018)

Game design document
C++ prototype on GitLab

Breeding is, broadly speaking, about life in its most basic sense: reproduction and survival. Reproduction lies at its core, as each player governs a monkey whose goal is to produce the largest possible descendance through mating. In- teresting situations arise right from the start as a player has no other choice than to mate his or her monkey to those belonging to other players, with the resulting babies giving an equal amount of points to both parents. As the game develops, the situation becomes more complicated as the original monkeys be- come grand-parents, uncles and aunts, etc. The often hilarious ambiguities that continuously arise, as well as problematics such as paternity and male/female 2 specific strategies, create a setting in which players will automatically engage in heated negotiations and supplement the game with jokes of their own mak- ing. By design, the rules of breeding are simple and encourage the players themselves to create a unique and memorable experience.


Odonata (card game) (2008)

Rules - Règles du jeu

The goal if this simple card game is to build a prosperous dragonfly family by hatching larvae in the right sequence. However, all is not that simple : if you are not careful enough, your small larvae will be eaten up by an opponent's bigger one !


Salsifis (card game) (2007)

Rules - Règles du jeu

The salsifis card game is fun and very simple to learn. Don't think too much and don't bang you head on the wall: the best players are the most relaxed ones.


Carburetor (2005)

Rules - Règles du jeu
Complete set - Jeu complet

Carburetor is a board game where the players will reinvent the industrial revolution. Playing an electricity producent on a colonial island, they will soon realize that the price to pay for a better profit is a larger waste production! They will learn how to invest wisely, think in the long term, avoid to pollute themselves, thwart the plans of the other players, and be wary of the terrorists. Who knows, perhaps one player will be the first to develop a fusion power plant?

If you want to try it, download the complete set above. You'll have to print the game board, the conjuncture board and the sets of power plant pieces with a color printer. Photopaper would work just great. Print also the fluctulation cards, the banknotes (on paper sheets of different colors) and the accounts sheets. Find something for the prospectors, conjuncture, and terrorist pieces (gums, shells, lids of tubes of toothpaste, just anything). Finally, for the fuel and waste pastilles, a game of GO would do the job perfectly.

Ant chess

Ant chess (2004)

Rules - Règles du jeu

Ant chess is a novel chess variant developed by my brother Kevin and myself. Like many other chess variants, two armies are confronted on the squares of a game board, and there is a master piece. In the ant chess game, the armies are composed of ants and various small mercenary creatures, the squares are hexagonal, and the master piece is the ant queen.

If you want to try it, a simple way to get a game board is to download the rules above and print page 2 on thick paper. To get a set of pieces, print page 9 and cut out the pieces with scissors.

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