Philippe Mermod - seminars and colloquia

The hidden side of particle physics, given at the University of Geneva in January 2018.
Direct searches for heavy neutrinos, given at the Oskar Klein Centre, Stockholm, in March 2017.
Latest results from the MoEDAL experiment , given at CERN-LHC in July 2016 and at the University of Bern, Uppsala University, and University of Geneva in March 2017.
Magnetic monopoles at the LHC and in the Cosmos, given at the University of Liverpool, University of Geneva, and University College London in Spring 2014.
Hunting for magnetic monopoles in bulk matter, given at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich in April 2013.
The search for the magnetic monopole, given at EPFL (Lausanne), University of Zurich, and University of Geneva in May 2012.
Collider searches for long-lived particles, given at University of Geneva in October 2009 and Oxford University in March 2010.
Long-lived particle searches in ATLAS, given at Ludwig-Maximilians University (Munich) in February 2009.
Three-body forces in neutron-deuteron scattering, given at Stockholm University in October 2007.
Measurement of the photon structure function with the L3 detector at LEP, given at SUBATECH (Nantes) in May 2007.

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