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4 RUE BEAUREGARD • 1204 GENÈVE • CELLULAR (+41) 79 455 28 19
FAX (+41)22 347 99 46 • E-MAIL

OBJECTIVE To secure a position as an Equity Research Analyst utilizing my industrial background combined with my European culture to promote sales.

FEBRUARY 1999    New York Institute of FinanceNew York
Certificate: Investment banking & US accounting.

NOVEMBER 1998Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH)Zurich, Switzerland
Master in economics, Thesis with maximum mark.
Micro and macro economics, statistics, operation research, econometrics, accounting, marketing, corporate policy and strategy.

MARCH 1996Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH)Zurich, Switzerland
Degree in agronomy, best out of 120.

French, English & German: written and spoken
Spanish: working knowledge

JULY – OCT. 1997Starbuck, Tisdale & Assoc.(1bil. US$ investment advisor) Santa Barbara, CA
Equity Research Assistant
Successfully convinced the investment committee to buy 10 growth stocks.
Developed top market indicator which accurately forecast the Oct. 98 drop.

MARCH – JUNE 97Migros (largest Swiss Retailer, 8 bil. US$)Zurich, Switzerland
Marketing Analyst in the Export Department
Performed a market potential reporting on 4 Migros production plants. Defined a growth strategy for export and started its implementation.

MARCH – MAY 96Micarna, meat processing plant (200 mil. US$)Bazenheid, Switzerland
Freelance Consultant
Audit of the production process and developed a quality control system.

MARCH – MAY 94Institute of plant science (ETH)Zurich, Switzerland
Trainee in a laboratory for biotechnology
Researched and tested a new indicator. Published a report internally.

1990 – 1992Goats FarmFrance
Independent Breeder
Turned a farm into profit developing and implementing cheese processing.

NOV.89 – JAN. 90Darier, Hentsch & Cie (private banker)Geneva, Switzerland
Trainee at Swiss and foreign exchange desk
Created a system to compile exchange rates and market indexes using excel.

Swiss and American

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