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With age, one does not need to prove anything anymore, but can take a distance and more take the measure of quality of relationships.

And the measure of time tested relationships. With Gisela, we enjoy our Goldens, walks, we love our garden and our home. And the children.

Each one has his activities, computers, photography, ski excursions and Gisela has german teaching, invitations for meals, and ... clic here.

What could be said before retiremennt

Personal information      En français, S.V.P. !

Stanford MBA

Ch. des Ormes 5 Tél.(+4122 347 99 45
CH-1225 Chêne-Bourg / GenèveMobil : 077 421 99 66
e-mail: Contact

Business consultant who associates technical competence (Systems engineer) with business understanding (MBA).
Up to date on the latest information technology developpements for the purpose of asset management, he is also active in this field, the Internet in particular with several sites.
As self-employed he provided support services through one of the best Internet Service Providers (ISP) and served the needs of the clients of this ISP for organizational and technical support.
He has acted during one year as webmaster for "FREEDOM on the Internet" which has met an impressive response, had more than 28'000 hits and has put him in contact with the almost all ISPs of Switzerland.
He has been develping his own site in german, french and english with the side purpose to support the sale of a book written by his wife http://www.mermod.com/book/, and a special other site - in french only - "Esprit d'entreprise - Indépendance" archives here. This site has offered examples of interactive communication.

Former member of the Internet Society (ISOC) until 1999.
Formerly trainer for the Swiss Youth Organization J+S he continues to practice and to enjoy ski excursions.

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