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 "Milorad gave so much of himself to everyone that he will be missed by many."

"He was such a wonderful person, warm, upbeat and enthusiastic."

"Milorad was liked and admired by all."

"We have such fond memories of a kind and learned man."

"He was truly a remarkable man and will always be remembered that way."

"We feel we have lost a particular treasure with his death."

"He was my inspiration and source of strength in my years at Hoover; his friendship has enriched my life for all time."

"I remember when he first came to Hoover and the impact of his knowledge and leading level..I have fond memories of a good colleague and friend."

"We will always be grateful for the warmth and kindness with which he took me under his wing when I first arrived at Hoover...I will miss him a lot."

"Milorad was a great and good influence on me. I thank God for him. And I weep with those who weep."

"Milorad was such a dear sweet man. I will always remember the time he kissed my hand! I can't ever recall anyone doing that in my lifetime. He was so special."

"It was a great honor for me that I had the privilege to know and work with Milorad, who we affectionately called 'Dr. D'. His unswerving dedication to historical truth and the sanctity of human rights is a model for us all and a lasting legacy."