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Milorad M. Drachkovitch Memorial Library is hosted by the Bibliothèque de Genève.
It can be viewed and accessed through the catalogue of the BGE.
It is integrated in the "Fonds spéciaux" of the Bibliothèque de Genève and is presented amongst some of the most significant newly acquired collections.
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The Serbian collection is available as a browsable catalog.

  The library is based on Milorad's personal collection of books, representing his vision of Serbian culture, political thought, and European arts and letters. All of the books were published in the twentieth century, and the collection includes English as well as Serbian titles. A full spectrum of political opinion, from left to right, is represented.

It was Milorad Drachkovitch's dream to create a library that reflects the richness of Serbian and Eastern European culture. The Drachkovitch Library is interested receiving donations of books from other scholars to enhance the collection and in finding a permanent home for the library. We are also interested in presenting on-line materials that further Serbian arts and letters. If you would like to help, contact the head librarian of the Drachkovitch Library.


This database provides a listing of the books in the collection and (as soon as a permanent home is established) tells where to find them.

The Serbian collection is available as a browsable catalog. In addition to books, the collection includes numerous periodicals, both those published in Yugoslavia and former Yugoslavia, such as Nin, 1970-1996, and many issues of Duga, Pogledi, and Knjiz"evne novine, as well as publications of Serb exile communities, for example Srpske novine, Kanadski srbobran, and Sloboda organ Srpske narodne odbrane u Americi.

Of special interest to scholars is the substantial collection of correspondence, lectures, papers, newsletters, and a large number of pre-World War II photographs, including an album of photos from about the turn of the century,as well as original manuscripts of Professor Drachkovitch's books. There is also a small collection of microfilms.

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